Zero to Hero Coding

Hey, I'm Vera and new to coding, but I started to learn how to create websites. I'll share with you my earned knowledge. Let's be a frontend developer together! :)

Start to learn coding websites with me!

October 26, 2016 in #website #coding #learning | | | Subscribe to my newsletter

Who says coding is a dry and dull activity? Just imagine: behind every program, every game, every website there is a developer (team) who creates buttons, characters, every feature from colorful letters and numbers. It’s amazing, isn't it?

learn coding

My first encounter with a code was about 6 years ago when I made my first blog with a content management system (CMS). I could reach into its source code - it was very exciting to play with it, although I had no idea what I was doing, but I could modify a few things.

About my interests

Currently, I work as a product and social media manager at a publisher company in Hungary. The artwork and visuality are very important to me, so in my free time I love taking pictures or cooking/baking beautiful and delicious meals. Because of I like learning new things, I decided that I learn to build websites with my zero tech knowledge. I'm very enthusiastic and I want to know how to create well designed and user-friendly websites! I will share my experiences here, so we can learn together.

What are our first steps?

  • we start with the basic concepts (for example: URL, domain, SSL, frontend, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.)
  • I will show you how can you do a blog like this :)
  • we will learn what a good website should be able to do or look like (content, design, SEO, UX)
  • as the websites are closely linked to the style, design, we have to learn about the brand building too

So this was my short introduction and the first real post is coming on next Wednesday, in which I will explain what's happening when you open an URL for example the in your browser. It will be about domains, serving content and how all this comes together.

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October 26, 2016 in #website #coding #learning | | | Subscribe to my newsletter